My main focus is working with kids that may be struggling through medical or behavioral issues, along with children that may have experienced trauma.

Likewise, I work with the parents and families of these children since, they too, may be going through challenges associated with these experiences as well. When picturing your life with children, you may see happiness, fun, and joy. The challenges and difficulties when raising any child, let alone one who has medical issues or who has experienced some type of difficulty, are not as spoken about but can really throw any family off balance. I am here to support you and your children through these times so that you can feel connected and supported as a family unit, and as individuals as well.

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Being a kid can be extremely hard especially if you do not yet have the ability or words to explain what is happening. This can lead to tantrums, outbursts, or even isolation. Many times, children can be overlooked as not understanding what is happening around them, but children are like sponges. Even if they may not fully grasp the difficulties that a parent or family may be experiencing, they can feed off of the environment and emotions of those around them. Children too need a safe place to explore these emotions and feelings in order to thrive in their world. I also work with individuals to create a parenting plan or process feelings related to their children.

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Prior to returning to school to obtain my Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD) I worked as a child life specialist in New York. As a child life specialist I would help children and their families to process new diagnoses, prepare for upcoming procedures, or understand the consequences of certain illnesses and injuries. Now that I am working towards my PsyD I am continuing this work, but with a more psychological lens. I am here to help children further process what a diagnosis of Diabetes may mean and how it may impact them or their families. I am present to validate the confusion that occurs when you lose a loved one. I am available to help a mother and father process a child’s injury and work through the multitude of emotions that may coincide with that accident. Together we can work to help you gain mastery, understanding, and take back control in a situation that may feel out of your hands.

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Currently I am a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) and hold an MS in both child life (from Bank Street College of Education) and clinical psychology (from the University of La Verne). I am on the path of obtaining my PsyD from the University of La Verne. I am currently supervised by Dr. Jessica Frankel. When working with me, patients get the care and expertise of both of us. My clinical experience includes work with children, teens, and parents to address issues related to trauma, medical diagnoses, injuries, bereavement, adoption, foster care, and other significant life events.

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