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Are you having trouble in your relationships? Either you can’t find a partner or there is a lot of tension? Often, the relationship that we create in the therapy room will embody many similarities with other relationships that you have in your life. By talking about what happens between us, we can often get you unstuck in your other relationships and reconfigure how you relate to yourself. This type of work can take some time; however, our clients share that it produces long-lasting results that generalize to all aspects of their lives.   

In addition to focusing on relationships, I have a special passion for helping people who have had a hard childhood. This might include not feeling heard by your parents, experiencing violations into your space, or losing someone important to you. I am extensively trained in treating trauma.

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Do you feel like everyone around you is pregnant and you are supposed to be happy for them? Maybe you have screened positive for a genetic issue, had a miscarriage, or have completed your second round of IVF and feel fatigued and hopeless. Let me support you.

Being a new parent is hard. Even pregnancy is scary. What will life be like? Will I get to do the things that I used to do? Who will I be now? What if I don’t feel connected to the baby? Having a baby is a big change. Even when it is something that you  have wanted for a really long time, it can feel like a conflicting experience. I have a special passion for working with pregnant women and new moms or dads.  

Was your birth not what you expected? Being a new mom can feel like a daunting task with a million new decisions to make. You might be wondering if you are “doing it right”. Maybe you are scared you will drop the baby. Or it feels so hard to decide if you want to keep breast feeding; you like bonding with your child, but you are so sick of being a prisoner to the breast pump. You also might feel like you are obsessing over things that you know aren’t a big deal. You want to turn your mind off, but you just can’t. It can be really scary to ask for help because you don’t want anyone to think you are a bad parent or you don’t want this to actually be a big deal. Ask me. I’ll help you. Let’s get you back to the person you were before.

I have extra training in perinatal mental health and pregnancy loss by Postpartum Support International.


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Jessica Frankel has her masters in social work (MSW) as well as her doctorate in psychology (Psy26356). She is also certified in perinatal mental health, which is pregnancy/infertility/new parents (PMH-C).  She has trained at the Maple Counseling Center, Didi Hirsch, and Hawthorn Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. Jessica has trained and later supervised at Airport Marina Counseling Service. She has served as the staff therapist for Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps and led groups at Harvard-Westlake High School. Jessica is licensed in New York, Florida California.